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My books and artwork

My books and artwork

Read news of my new books and latest paintings here.   


Read news of my new books and latest paintings here.   

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October, November, and December-100% of my personal paperback book sale royalties will be donated .

I donate a portion of my royalties to animal rescues and sanctuaries...from now until year's end, all my personal royalties will be given to animal causes.

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 “I am humbled by Shirl’s ability to do an Intuitive Reading only knowing a person’s first name.  It is a blessing to find someone with such a beautiful God-given gift who uses her gift to heal and help others. "

Helping animal causes

A percentage of my paperback book and artist print royalties is donated to animal rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries.  


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Aura Lea, my Irish Wolfhound.

Fairy Tale Author, Artist and Intuitive Medium for People and Pets

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Working on editing for my newest book......explaining my experiences as an Intuitive Medium.

My beloved Casper LambBear Highlander, now crossed to the Bridge.

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