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Shirl Knobloch-Author/Artist/Reiki Master and Intuitive Medium

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 Dividing her time between her haunted, historic Gettysburg farmhouse and her home in suburban New Jersey, Shirl has written two memoirs. One tells of her experience working with animals as a Reiki Master and animal communicator;
Rescuing elderly or ill animals that others have tossed away has been the passion of Shirl's life. Her candid and personal stories of these beings will touch the hearts of all who love or have ever loved a furry or feathered companion.
Working as both an Intuitive Medium and an Animal Communicator, Shirl's experiences with both human and animal spirits will make you laugh, especially when the two team together, as often happens at Shirl's Gettysburg farmhouse. Stories of spirit encounters told in a comfortable way will interest all those who believe and all those yet skeptical in Shirl's memoir, "The Returning Ones, A Medium's Memoirs."
Those with a fondness for Civil War stories will love reading about Gettysburg, as Shirl shares experiences living on this Hallowed Ground. Her farmhouse played a role in the historic battle and soldiers to this day still wander her rooms. 


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