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Shirl Knobloch-Author/Artist/Reiki Master and Intuitive Medium



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Wow! I got this delivered this morning and I read it in one sitting! In many ways I felt you were writing to me. My heart chakra was energized! This past year I think I have finally found out what I am drawn to do! I have read voraciously, expanded my essential oil knowledge, and surrounded myself with crystals. I have regular reiki sessions, am now practicing meditation and be much more mindful. I have realized why I can’t stand crowds and negativity! I have totally set a lot of boundaries in my life. I always wondered why I didn’t have any close friends. It used to make me feel like what the heck is wrong with me. I went on a crystal retreat this past fall and these people are now my crystal family. We totally connected! There were 6 of us along with 2 mentors. What an amazing experience! I feel my grandson is an old souls who has a gift! Thank you for an amazing book!!💖💖

January 9, 2019
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I always enjoy Reading Shirl's books. This one was a fast read, and found many things similar to what I have sensed and felt throughout the years.