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Mediumship and animal communication sessions done by email.   I only ask for names and photos and gender of pets, no leading questions to help guide my readings.   Payable through Paypal.  My session fee is 35.00.   The session is done entirely through email.  

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Legends and lore of the sea......enter the world of seal, selkies, whales, mermaids, and more

For those who love the sea, her legends and lore and magickal creatures.   Come visit with seals, whales, selkies, mermaids and more...........


I bought and read this fascinating book in one sitting. 
Helen S.


5of 5 starsA wonderful guide for young people with this particular gift.

19 January 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I bought and read this fascinating book in one sitting. Shirl draws on a wealth of experience both as a medium and as an intuitive animal communicator. For any young people looking to navigate a safe path though this sometimes shadowy and lonely territory she extends a welcome hand of friendship, support and advice on knowing when to hold on and when to let go.

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Client Feedback

One example of a client's feedback on my animal communication session....

The client's feedback is in bold lettering.

 Hi Shirl-Thank you so much for the reading, I would like to share my interpretation below in red, You touched on a lot of things! pls see below in red..
On Fri, Nov 16, 2018


 Roxy immediately begins by telling me two……two people.  She sends me two people in a very stressed environment.  This leads me to believe there was much stress at the end or conflicting views about her at the time of crossing.  This hurt her, she loves you both and did not want to feel any of this stress and is sorry if she caused any of it.  I told her it was not her fault in any way….  Client Reply 
the living arrangement here sometimes can be stressful and Roxy always was the peacekeeper, often using comic relief to get us to laugh and relax. She had a very motherly instinct to her and often calmed down tensions (which were not about her. )She would always approach us with a "now lets all get along and make up 
She tells me a decision was made in a moment…..either she passed very suddenly or you had to make a very quick decision about her crossing.
Client Reply.... Roxy showed symptoms of slowing down which seemed like every day aging at the time until one day she just was "not right". We took her to the emergency room and learned that she had cancer. The emergency vet felt that we should let her go . She did not seem ready and I took her home and the next day she perked up. My regular vet said he thought there was a slight chance if we removed her spleen (survival rate was 10%). We chose to keep her comfortable, given her age and the cancer was so aggressive. She declined so quickly (but hung on with such a toughness, and commitment to keeping routine -she stayed for almost 2 months ) . I used every remedy I have learned from working with supplements to keep her comfortable and even tried to enter in a study at Upenn. She passed at home in her sleep on her terms. The physical decline in that time was dramatic but I do feel that she stayed as long as she wanted to or until she could.  I would not let her suffer and she really stuck to her routines and stayed I feel as long as she wanted. 
She knew it was time and she was fully accepting of her crossing.  Again, she sends me the feeling of things happening or changing very quickly….but she was at peace.  She said it was time to give in. 
She loved Dennis very much and chose to sleep in his room the night she passed. She must have just passed in the am right before he left for work as she was still warm to the touch. I like to think that she felt safe with him and wanted to spare me the pain and feeling helpless. She loved to be in his room with him so I like to think that she was relaxed and wanted to go before he woke. 
There was pain she says at the end…..but no more…..She feels like a new puppy again, she tells me.  
Reply   This makes me happy-for a bulldog she was actually very agile and active  
Her personality comes in as quite charming, she could wrap you around her little paw quite easily.  She tells me she is tough.  She might have known some unhappiness in her past, because she tells me she has seen both unhappiness and joy.
She was an excellent friend and she was good in helping in business…..I guess she must have accompanied you to work quite a bit. She absolutely had a very "bulldog tough" personality but was quite a ham. She came to me as a rescue so I only have a little info on her. She had the perfect "meet and greet" personality so she came to a lot of rescue events with me, and helped me with selling pet products (I work part time in the industry). She did several tv news appearances with me and I was always very proud of her.
She also had a mysterious side to her………she could be warm and loving and sometimes, in a place of her own. Yes I used to wonder what she was thinking!
She was intuitive….she could be very discerning about other people around you and only gave her heart to those deserving of it.
Again, she tells me two….. I interpret this as conveying communication to both of you.  I am guessing this means Dennis and I- I do think she loved us both very much.  She also has a little canine brother Jerry Lee (a king charles). They co-existed amicably but were both independent. Jerry Lee was very lost when after she left us though,  I think she made him feel brave. 
She mentions playing…. One of you must have been her companion in play, she sends me the emotion of much joy during those play times.
She also mentions dancing……did one of you like to dance with her……whatever this is, it is important enough for her to mention.  She feels like a little social butterfly, happiest when in the midst of attention. Client Reply 
It's funny she did love to do that. We did goof around and dance and she would interrupt and "cut in" and then also liked to jump and play dance back with us if we did or if I did jumping jacks! She LOVED to play with her jolly ball and really interacted with you to get you to participate. Dennis also would roughhouse play with her and she really enjoyed it.
She is very content now and proud of her achievements in life with you.   Reply....I am glad to hear that, we did a lot of cool things together. All the major news shows, she rode the ferry with me, I even got her a special taxi just for dogs to get us to a tv appearance on the news. It was so worth it, some wonderful memories. And so many bulldog rescue events. She was a wonderful breed ambassador and a great inspiration for rescue.  She had doggie friends and loved stealing the show at the blessing of the animals.
She tells me she was blessed to have you and knew the sorrow you felt from others missing from your life.  She does not want you to feel that sorrow, but to find other lives to bless.
She asks that you make another friend and she surrounds the two of you with love.  She feels very intellectual, she sends me the feelings of not letting sadness separate, but letting joy bring together.
So the best thing you could do to make Roxy happy is to surround yourself with love and happiness again.
She wants you to know how much she loved her home. 😀💓
To the male energy……she wishes his heart not be sealed off from sadness, but opened wider to let in the love of another.  This meant a lot a lot to him. He has seen some sadness and has a rough exterior. Roxy gave him licence to feel silly and loving. He adored showing her off. We agreed that we will take in a new rescue when the right one comes along.  Thank you so much for the reading. Right now I tear up often missing her, I will never replace her but I know that I will find another dog that needs me when the time is right and the stars align. I hope she sends a good one with her blessing to us! 
 Thank you for giving me peace and some closure. You have a wonderful gift,  thank you for sharing it! 

  • I’d like everyone to know of the fabulous and comforting reading I just got about my father from Shirl Knobloch!!! This woman can truly see into energies that have departed, and the reading was “spot on”! God bless Shirl, she has given me much needed peace!~~~Jane Baldwin~~~
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, only sending a name and a picture. However, Shirl was able to accurately describe the person with great specificity and detail, I was blown away. Shirl is clearly gifted and I would highly recommend her.
    Jenna G.
  •  Shirl provided a reading for my dear Maxwell that passed just about two years go. She started off by asking if we had donated or done something in his name and I was shocked because we had purchased a brick paver in his name and honor. She also went on to detail the nature of his personality that were very accurate. I’d had been feeling as though max may have been visiting us in spirit recently and she also pointed that out. The process to get the reading was very simple and she was quick to provide the responds in just a few days. I’m very happy with the reading and would highly recommend her 



Helen in Australia.......

"Frighteningly accurate,  It's funny she never knew that he spent most of his life (9 years) as a therapy dog but told me that he was assisting at the bridge with those who were crossing and was very proud of the work he was doing.


Book Reviews


From Jennifer Sabatelli, editor of "Birdsong, Barks, and Banter"

"Give me your tired, your poor...Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me..." -- from "The New Colossus," Emma Lazarus

These words beautifully capture Shirl's life-long mission as animal lover, rescuer, caretaker, and communicator. Shirl has made it her life's work to find, take in, and love those who would be (or have been) cast aside, rejected, or literally thrown away by others. "Birdsong, Barks, and Banter" is a compelling and heart-felt mixture of personal memoir (her path to trusting and utilizing her innate gifts as an intuitive and energy worker) and animal vignettes (remarkable true tales of joy, grief, and catharsis that stay with you long after you put the book down). Shirl's stories will reaffirm readers' hopes that there are good people in the world who truly believe in the value and worth of all creatures great and small, old and young, furry and winged.


Reader Reviews

 If you have ever questioned whether ghosts exist, or woodland fairies, and animal spirits, this book is sure to convince you. Written in the same "conversational" tone as her first book, the author recounts her experiences in both her NJ home and her historical farmhouse in Gettysburg. Fueled by the horror of war, this hallowed ground offers many a story of soldiers wandering the battlefields, the haunted Sachs Bridge and equally haunted Grove. The author has included many detailed, un retouched photos of these haunted sites. Civil War buffs will find this part of her book of particular interest. The author makes no argument for or against the validity of the photos or stories but gently asks the reader to perhaps just consider the possibility of a paranormal existence. Pay special attention to the chapter about the daguerreotypes which are Civil War era photos. A amazing discovery is made by the author!
The chapters devoted to Ireland are equally fascinating with haunting stories and thought provoking photos.
I was happy to see the author included some poetry from her personal collection as well in this book.
This makes for a wonderful reading experience on a wintry night. The author has given us enough evidence to question the existence of paranormal activity and equally enough evidence to validate what many of us already believe!